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I admit it. I talk the talk but as hard as I try, I don’t always walk the walk. As a women’s pelvic floor health advocate, I do my best to “do all of the right stuff” when it comes to my pelvic floor health. I pay attention to my posture, exercise five times a week, watch for POP warning flags, contract my pelvic floor when appropriate, and eat healthy most of the time.  But I’d be lying if I said I always do all the right stuff. I’m only human…..

I run into the bathroom; I run out. I am full speed ahead the majority of my day, whether I am writing an article, organizing a fundraiser, networking by phone or email to evolve the global grid of POP connections, posting to social media, heading to a meeting, exploring research, or doing what I love the most, communicating with the ladies APOPS serves. I recognize more than most people how very counter-productive our lifestyles can be to our health. Yet every day I need to remind myself to SLOW DOWN or my body is the last thing I pay attention to.

The impact a high-stress-fast-paced lifestyle has to women with POP is pronounced. We forget to contract our pelvic floor when we lift our kids, grandkids, or heavy items, we forget to hold our bodies upright so we're not mushing our organs down into our pelvic cavity when standing or sitting at a desk, we forget to relax our pelvic floor when urinating or defecating. It's the little stuff that collectively makes a difference in POP ballast, not any single thing we do or don't do. Establishing good habits sounds easy but seldom is when you are working or caring for a family or both; as women we tend to take care of everyone but ourselves. 

Every morning when I slip on my grandmother's wedding ring, I take comfort in the knowledge that she continues to guide my mind and my heart. She makes me think of all of you, and reminds me of your actions in every step I take every day. We all need to take better care of ourselves. I promise to try if you'll join me!