APOPS is incredibly proud of our empowered, dedicated volunteer patient support forum staff. 

APOPS shares POP insights and patient support Monday through Friday via multiple online social media structures, including FacebookTwitterLinkedInYoutube, and Pinterest. Additionally, our Facebook based closed online Support Forum is a secure environment where women can discuss their POP concerns, ask POP questions, and network with other women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. This space includes women from mid-teens through end of life, and members of our community hale from 177 countries around the world.  APOPS's support staff are from multiple countries as well, and work diligently on a volunteer basis to maintain a safe, supportive setting where women can feel comfortable sharing information. Members of our incredible support staff include the following amazing women.

Forum Moderators: Carol Beck, Larissa Bossaer, Cathy Carlin, Pat Clark, Iseult de Burca, Becky Hughes, Valerie Mahon, Mary Pippen.
Forum Liaisons: Rhanah Becknal, Carol Claflin, Kathy Hahn Vater, Darcy Spurgeon.