APOPS #GivingTuesday Toolbox

#GivingTuesday is November 28, 2017, and APOPS December Drive runs through December 31. Are you ready to participate in this global day of giving? We are here to help you walk the walk! Check out APOPS #GivingTuesday video for starters!

We want you to be as prepared as possible to share your voice and engage in raising POP awareness. We put together a #GivingTuesday Toolbox that will help get you started talking out loud about POP. This FREE toolbox contains creative ways to promote your #GivingTuesday campaign with images and posts you can share on social media. To share the video on the right, click here.

Wondering why #GivingTuesday matters? Take a look back to 2016’s #GivingTuesday movement in numbers to see just why it could be such a big deal to raise POP Awareness while raising donations for APOPS to enable us to fund awareness campaigns in development:

  • $168,000,000 raised
  • 1,560,000 online gifts
  • Average gift size: $108
  • 98+ countries participated

People are ready to give, and they want to be inspired by your cause. Are you prepared to engage them?

Or share the paragraph below on your Facebook page along with one of our downloadable images.

Hope is priceless. Countless millions of women throughout the world struggle with symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. Every gesture of understanding makes a difference. Please donate today, your dollars, your voices, your heart. #APOPS #stopPOP


Hashtags for FB and TW:

#EveryVoiceMatters! #stopPOP #APOPS
Advance POP Awareness! #stopPOP #APOPS
Make some noise to raise POP Awareness! #stopPOP #APOPS

How to build a Facebook Fundraiser. 

Be a part of this global movement on November 28, 2017 and hang out with APOPS during the month of December, as we bang the drum with our #stopPOP campaign! 

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