Mary Pippen, Director, POPS Forum Administrator, Internal Development Committee

Mary Pippen was diagnosed with POP at the age of 50 in 2014. She joined the POPS Facebook Support Forum where she immediately benefited from the support of the women in the forum. After two surgeries, Mary became a voice of support for other women in the forum, and gained a passion for the mission of APOPS. In November of 2015 Mary joined the APOPS international Facebook-based support forum administrative team, providing support to women from around the world experiencing POP.  Mary additionally engages in the development of APOPS vision, projects, and activities, including APOPS annual walkathon and APOPS 2016 Women’s Pelvic Health Congress. Mary was a Recreational Therapist at the VA Medical Center for 16 years, and is currently a VA Volunteer Service Specialist.  

Sharon Shurmur.jpg

Sharon Shurmur, Internal Development Committee

Sharon Shurmur was diagnosed with POP in 2014 after 7 years of assuming her symptoms were normal after a traumatic birth resulting in a 4th degree tear. Having never heard of pelvic organ prolapse, she began researching and found APOPS, which she found to be supportive, inclusive, informative and unbiased. Sharon had anterior/posterior surgery without mesh in 2015, which unfortunately failed, and she continues her journey to capture pelvic floor health ballast. Sharon's frustration at the lack of clinician POP knowledge, awareness, and at times general dismissive nature towards women's pelvic health, symptoms,  and quality of life, coupled with her background in Quality and Conformance, spark her passion to assist APOPS's efforts to engender evolution in POP directives.