Be a part of the collective voice to generate change! Your endorsement of STIGMA*STRIDE sends a message that we all stand united to lift the shroud of silence surrounding pelvic organ prolapse (POP), urinary incontinence (UI), and fecal incontinence (FI). As we talk out loud about POP, UI, and FI, millions and millions in every country will understand that these are extremely common health concerns, and will ask the questions that lead to treatment and the eradication of stigma. To add your voice or logo to STIGMA*STRIDE, CONTACT APOPS.


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 *APOPS grassroots campaign to end the stigma around pelvic organ prolapse has successfully brought the issue into the light of day. Awareness and education are the beginning of empowering women so they can seek appropriate care and solutions.  APOPS has been an invaluable ally to our clinical efforts to promote health and healing for women.  Julie Wiebe, PT ~ CA, USA

**It was just three years ago that I found out I had stage III POP. At age 41, that diagnosis was devastating since I never knew POP was even possible. I count myself extremely fortunate to have had APOPS there with me every step of the way - from diagnosis, through repair surgery and post-op maintenance. Now at 44 and having to go back in for more repair surgery, I find it frustrating that I'm still explaining to doctors what POP is, which tells me the silence surrounding POP is still an epidemic that must be cured. What gets me through is living by APOPS motto that Hope Heals. Annie ~ WI, USA

*Pelvic organ prolapse is a highly prevalent yet under-reported condition afflicting women globally. It pervades almost every aspect of affected women's lives; psychological, physical and sexual. APOPS is driving the need for a unified approach to pelvic floor problems, and for a concerted cross-disciplinary effort in improving awareness of both symptoms and potential cures among women worldwide. Dr. Vikas Shah, Radiologist ~ UK

**I found continued support through APOPS. I feel I found a voice & have never felt alone on my journey of living with prolapse & subsequent Mesh surgery. Michelle, ~ UK

***There is a gap in medical education between understanding importance of quantitative relationships between the mechanical parameters of the female pelvic floor structures and their functional conditions on one side and clinical implications and how to help on another side. 
Vladimir Egorov, PhD ~ NJ, USA

 **POP is a frightening experience but women can turn to APOPS to gain vital info and support to correct this serious problem. I fully endorse APOPS because of all the help it offers women, and am especially and eternally grateful for info given to me to correct my problem.  Ceil ~ IL, USA

**Finding APOPS was that light at the end of a dark and lonely tunnel. Being able to chat with women who were experiencing the same physical and emotional pain, made me realize that I was not alone on this journey. APOPS is a safe haven for women in all walks of their journey, young and old, those choosing less invasive routes and those choosing surgery. It is a place where you can ask questions and not be embarrassed or ashamed. A place where you can find hope and healing. Pelvic organ prolapse may be a silent epidemic, but with all of our voices we will make a difference. Wendy ~ PA, USA

**I found a judgment free zone at APOPS where women share their experiences and hope with one another in an international effort to ensure that no woman going through pelvic organ prolapse ever needs to feel alone again. -Jaime ~ WV, USA

**My diagnosis of prolapse was devastating, isolating, and humiliating until I found APOPS. I discovered that there was absolutely no reason for myself and other women to suffer in isolation when there was education, community, support, and hope. APOPS provided that and so much more. Let's get the word out!!! Hillary ~ VA, USA

**APOPS truly saved my life by educating me to understand my condition and showing me there are options for a better life for women suffering with POP. Anne ~ Oregon, USA