What can a POP App do? Coming to this page soon, APOPS FREE App will:

  • Generate POP Awareness;

  • Capture accurate statistics and demographic detail;

  • Enable patients to track symptoms and understand cause/effect;

  • Bridge patients/practitioners;

  • Improve screening standardization;

  • Evolve POP understanding.

Pelvic organ prolapse has been on medical record for over 4000 years but is still shrouded in silence; lack of patient awareness, symptom embarrassment, and inadequate diagnostic practitioner POP educational curriculum has kept POP hidden behind closed doors.


APOPS POP TOOLKIT will encourage open dialogue about pelvic organ prolapse, encourage evolution of practitioner education to improve screening standards, increase awareness of how common POP is, and give women a tool to help them better understand POP and what they can do to help themselves. 

Come back to this page soon to download the QR code for your free POP App or grab it at the Apple or Google App store!

HUGE THANKS to UWM App Brewery for your dedication and hard work!

Dustin Hahn - Project Manager
Julia Alberts - Designer
Johnathan Condon - Developer
Anthony Jesmok - Developer
Chris Sampon - Software Engineer