The voices of women experiencing pelvic organ prolapse will always be considered integral to the development of APOPS directives. Members of APOPS support forum provide critical insights into the true impact of POP to quality of life. The voices of women from around the world navigating pelvic organ prolapse diagnosis and treatment, including women navigating mesh surgery, mesh free surgery, and mesh complications, newly diagnosed with POP, utilizing nonsurgical treatments, basically women in all phases of the pelvic organ prolapse dynamic, provide a priceless source of accurate POP data. Of significant value is the energy shared by women walking the walk of POP, energy which magnifies and clarifies direction. The collective voices of women of every age, race, nationality, economic, and employment sector share a common goal-to simply feel good again. With their insights, APOPS will bridge the gaps between patient, clinician, academic, industry, and research.