Donate your empty ink cartidges to raise funds for apops

Do you toss out your empty ink cartridges? You could be saving them up and shipping them for free to Funding  Factory to generate funds for APOPS. Click on the link below to the Funding Factory page where you can access the Register as a Business Supporter portal. You can than set up your own account to request shipping labels to ship your ink cartridges for free via UPS.  When registering, enter APOPS account number 165170. Once you register as a cartridge donor, you can contact Funding Factory to send you labels, then simply put your cartridges into a box, affix the label, and drop it off at UPS-they will ship for free. It is most user-friendly to save them up until you have about 15, then ship at once. You are also recycling-an awesome way to support the planet and APOPS at the same time!

ink cartridges.png
funding factory.png